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Total War: Arena

Total War: Arena brings the core of the Total War into the free to play realm. Focused on 10 vs 10 battles each player will command a small number of battalions made up of a 100 warriors. Marking a unique turn for the franchise the open beta for the game launched in 22 February 2018. With a wealth of experience and past games to draw from Total War: Arena does a reasonably good job of pulling this across to a free to play model. The switch to free to play is not without some downgrade though with an arena focus rather than the sprawling maps of the core Total War franchise campaigns. Gameplay lets players team up against others or an AI opponent in multiplayer battles with each player controlling up to three large groups of units. With an array of commanders and different units available there is a wealth of variety that you can utilise to overcome the opposing forces and achieve your ultimate objective of wiping them from the map entirely or capturing their base of operations. Unfortunately your tools to communicate your plans with allies are a little lacking in the current development stage although these will hopefully be refined over time. At present players are limited to text chat and a small number of pings that are suitable but prevent significant strategy planning. Commanders all pull from the wider Total War franchise (ie; history) which includes the likes of Greek, Roman and everything in between. Each comes with their own orders that drive your strategy such as King Leonidas who can use shield bash, fight in the shade and hold the line in true Sparta warrior style to assist his troops. Said troops broadly fall into four categories of infantry, ranged, cavalry and artillery which all come with their own pros and cons on the battlefield. There is also reasonable depth within each archetype such as light and heavy infantry which offer further depth and variety to experiment with. The departure from the series core and into the free to play universe is a daring attempt by the Total War franchise but only time well tell if the community takes to it. Summary: A free to play twist on the Total War franchise. Command three powerful groups of troops. Customise your troops with various archetypes and commanders. Battle against others or the AI. Explore historical settings, units and commanders. Quick Links: Official Website Videos:
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