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Project Zomboid

Placing itself into the open world survival horror genre Project Zomboid (PZ) has been in development since late 2013. Throwing you directly into a post apocalyptic landscape ravaged by zombie infestation your goal is to survive and ideally thrive for as long as possible. The game is the first development project by The Indie Stone. The setting for the game is Knox County which has recently been quarantined from the rest of the world by the government. Unfortunately with players finding themselves within this quarantined zone you’ll have to survive on what you can find within the zone to ultimately manage your mental state, hunger and tiredness. All of this and other elements of the game aim to push you towards a realistic survival game experience. The bulk of zombies you’ll encounter are slow moving although a few special and unique zombies are thrown in to offer a greater challenge and variety. The gameplay arc revolves around the looting of houses and building of defences in the hopes of pushing your demise back one more day. It’s a game that is more about how you will meet your end rather than avoiding it entirely. A key mechanic in doing so is crafting based with players able to craft weapons, food and barricades out of resources and supplies that are scavenged from the surrounding environment. Perks such as fishing, farming, trapping, carpentry and cooking develop with game time and enhance your chances for survival. While still going through development in 2018 the game reviews speak for themselves, Project Zomboid is already in an extremely playable state and will likely continue to be until it’s eventual full release. Summary: Survive as long as possible in a zombie filled game world. Utilise perks and resources to increase your survival chances. Supports up to 4 player co-op. Large feature list of current and planned mechanics. Play across Windows, Mac and Linux. Quick Links: Buy Project Zomboid (Steam) Videos:
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