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Nintendo Switch Nearing 23 Million In Sales

The Nintendo Switch has been a revelation for the Big N, for after the failure of the Wii U, many wondered if the company would be able to bounce back, and with the Switch they did. They’ve done many great things with the console, including having major 1st party and 3rd party support in its first two years (which isn’t even up yet.) Nintendo revealed the latest stats for the console and its games recently, and it put into perspective just how well it’s doing.
According to the report, the Nintendo Switch has sold nearly 23 million units. Very impressive considering that the report (which ends sales figures at September 2018) is calculating sales for only 19 months of life give or take. Which means that it’s selling well over a million consoles a month…give or take.
Just as impressive, in the last six months, the Switch has sold over 5 million units. Which is under a million a month, but to be fair, the Switch hasn’t had a lot of big name titles over those six months. But, year-to-year, the Switch is actually doing better than it did in 2017, which is very ironic.
Also ironic is the fact that Switch sales are not only near double what Wii U got, the Switch has already passed the Nintendo Gamecube in terms of its lifetime sales, which was a little over 21 million.
No matter what was you look at it, the Switch is doing really well, and its software is doing great too. For example, in updated numbers, Mario Tennis Aces has passed over 2 million in sales, which means it did that in just over 3 months of life. Also, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, has crossed the 10 million unit mark, the first of the series to do that.
And with Smash Bros Ultimate and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee coming soon, things are only looking more up for the Big N.

Thursday January 01, 1970

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