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Opting to offer futuristic warfare Ironsight has come from the East to North American and European players in 2018. Set in a universe only a few years ahead of our own (2025) where two factions fight resources you’ll join the fight with an arsenal of 100+ weapons. Praised by many in the FPS community as a free to play alternative to the like of Call of Duty with a strong array of combat zones, different playstyles through customisable loadouts and strong graphics for a free to play title. With the North Atlantic Forces (NAF) and the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN) hot on the heels of each other combat is fast paced and fierce in every online match. Background of the game aside a shooters are much more about the gameplay that they bring to the table than the basic story framework. In this regards Ironsight has all the basic building blocks required for an addicting and fun free to play shooter. This starts right with the game engine which is a custom built design and stands above other free to play shooters graphically and also features better stabilisation to ensure you can frag at peak performance. The next layer of quality that Ironsights offers is the 14 varied combat zones for you to fight over with the usual array of terrain and even climate conditions to make each map play differently on the ground. The final layer of Ironsight that makes it an attractive shooter is the arsenal of over 100 weapons that can be customisation to suit your preferred playstyle. While the usual categories of snipers, shotguns, SMGs and assault rifles are present they are improved with modern technology as you see fit to make your loadout your own. Summary: Free to play high quality shooter. Customise your own loadout for battle. Fight across over a dozen varied maps. Impressive engine for graphics and performance. Long standing game in the East now comes to the West. Quick Links: Official Website Videos:
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