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Mixing renovation with the match three genre Gardenscapes introduces you to a world where you’ve recently inherited a mansion with your own butler named Austin. While the mansion is a superb piece of building and design the garden could use some resurgence, a task that Austin passes on to you as the new owner but is happy to guide you. If you love adding a bit of design and objectives to your puzzle title Gardenscapes offers a solution. Austin will give you various tasks from putting in new benches, sweeping up the guardian, rebuilding the fountain centrepiece and more. With each of these tasks players are generally given several options of styles which lets your final mansion be different to that of other people. With the sprawling land of the mansion players have several different areas with their own unique elements to repair. Actioning these tasks is based on in game stars with players gain one at a time for completing match three puzzle levels. Basic tasks mostly only take a single star but some of the larger items require a few levels between your next garden improvement. Occasionally competing tasks will be provided giving you some flexibility in what you build (or repair) first to give you that greater sense of it being your mansion. This isn’t the first Gardenscapes experience either with previous games focused on hidden items but the developers have done well to push the game into match three genre instead and overall is better suited to the mobile (and browser) and landscape. Mechanically these all have the same features of similar puzzle titles with players matching 3 fruits or flowers to create a match with larger matches of 4 and 5 giving you utility to clear the entire board quickly such as the deadly firecracker that shoots up and destroys an entire column or the explosive bomb to take out surrounding tiles. The majority of level objectives focus around the collection of particular items within the game board under limited turns with some variation. Other once off boosters can also assist players all those intermediate puzzle gamers won’t be terribly pushed. One time use shovels to destroy a block or gain a few extra moves are available for coins which don’t require a purchase and slowly generated as you beat levels. The other game currency of hearts is used to limit the number of games you can play in a row with one deducted for each level lost. It’s quite easy for the patience gamer to never have to drop a dime on playing Gardenscapes and experiencing to the full depth it offers. The focus on the transition from run down garden to beautiful landscape is a wonderful change of pace compared to the usual offering of games in this space. If you want to see something tangible on your phone as you progress through each puzzle level then Gardenscapes delivers that experience with no green thumb required. Summary: Revive your mansion grounds one task at a time. Earn stars through match three levels to repair and build new fixtures. Choose your own custom items from several options to create a unique garden. Colourful match three game levels. Purchase boosters to assist with difficult levels. Quick Links: Play Gardenscapes (Plarium) Get Gardenscapes (iOS) Get Gardenscapes (Android) Videos:
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