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Darwin Project

Shrinking down the battle royale genre to a 10 player battle on a smaller map is Darwin Project, a game that feels as close to the Hunger Games as a game has offered yet. Set in a post apocalyptic and dystopian future where an Ice Age is fast approaching a new project has been created for entertainment where participants are challenged to survive the cold while fighting against opponents. With a 10 person battle in this environment the land area itself is much smaller than similar games which means more regular combat. Even when you aren’t in combat the focus on survival gives you other important tasks to complete from creating arrows, snowballs or traps to ensure you are fully prepared for another encounter. This is even more important than other battle royale titles considering that there are very few ways for players to be taken out from a distance with a single shot, ensuring all fights have the opportunity for counter play. Your core weapons are your trusty bow and a melee range axe which are staples in every single engagement with another player. In addition crafted snowballs and bear traps make regular appearances provided you’ve crafted them beforehand. While the arena has 10 players fighting it out for victory there is actually the potential for an 11th player to join the game and take on the role of the Show Director. This role in a similar vein to the Hunger Games franchise has the ability to help and hinder other players as they see fit, even communicating with them directly. While the Show Director can make things difficult if you aren’t their favourite character on the ground the current power level of their abilities is limited enough that it doesn’t make a fight completely unwinnable. At present Darwin Project is still in early stages and only time will truly tell what direction the game takes and how the community develops. Summary: A smaller scale battle royale experience. Play as a contestant or watch the carnage as the Show Director. Use bow, axe and traps to defeat your enemies. Mix of combat, crafting and scavenging. Available on Windows and Xbox One. Quick Links: Buy Darwin Project (Steam) Buy Darwin Project (Microsoft Store) Videos:
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